We were trolling around on the Interweb the other day and caught notice of this banner ad, which immediately depressed us, given that:

1) Somebody at MUNI thought that monthly passes make an awesome Christmas gift
2) That person paid money for these banner ads, money that was probably just sitting there in the "spend money on stupid crap" folder that MUNI obviously keeps in the office, right next to the reception desk
3) When you click on the banner, it takes you to the city services website, which cheerfully informs you that you can't buy MUNI passes right now
4) That person probably still has a job.

Sigh. Come on, MUNI. "Give the Gift of Convenience?" That's bland. Surely we can do better...

"A monthly MUNI pass - that perfect present for your ex!"

"Give a MUNI pass to your parents for when they come to visit! They'll never bother you again!"

"Does your uncle eat all the ham? Give him a MUNI pass - he won't show up to the party until dessert!"

Any other ideas?

Image found while clicking around on the Chron.