Since this is the perfect time of the year to make a donation, we thought we'd help out those animal lovers among us by providing a list of local animal-related charities and nonprofits that can use a little (or alotta) support.

PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support) - Donate or volunteer for this fabulous organization which helps low-income persons with HIV/AIDS and other illnesses keep and take care of their companion animals.

Rocket Dog Rescue - This organization saves dogs from shelters and finds them loving homes in the Bay area. These guys have awesome volunteers!

SPCA - We checked out the adoptable cats this past Sunday. Our faves (even though we never have favorites) are Little Miss and Yay-o.

Friends of San Francisco Animal Care and Control - This nonprofit raises money to assist San Francisco Animal Care and Control and its rescue partners. Volunteers also provide educational programs and services such as microchipping. Check out their FAQ page for more information.

The Marine Mammal Center
- Not exactly pet-related, but the MMC gives you the opportunity to adopt a seal!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's to all those SF pets who make us smile each and every day.