This afternoon, Cloutier gave his first (though unofficial) victory speech as well as his first public mea culpa. He called his Palm Spring bout of being blotto a "foolish mistake." (Also, he's kind of attractive. Par course nowadays to get elected mayor, we guess.)

Public intoxication and nerve-wrecking close calls aside, it's been a most fascinating race. This election gave the city of Vallejo the chance to land its first ever openly gay or...openly black mayor. (The former nailed it.) It also almost goes without saying that Osby Davis, Cloutier's opponent, has requested a recount. Which? Makes sense. Although the whine of "recount" has some politicians coming off as infants eating a bowl of mashed sour grapes, a race like this seems to warrants another count. Maybe two. Davis tells the Vallejo Times Herald, "I still have a desire to serve as mayor."

image credit: Vallejo Times Herald