So what will you eat? We posted some bang-up tips awhile back for gravy and stuffing. After the jump: Our mom's awesome Mushroom Soup. But what else is there to eat? Share your fave recipes in the comments, plz. We're going to be hosting a vegetarian and we don't know WHAT we will serve. A giant fruit platter, maybe? Are they allowed to eat food that's served on plates?

The big excitement in previous years was around the TurDuckEn -- a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. Daring! But also kind of old-fashioned and over-trendy. We're all abuzz about this year's new invention: the TurFishStrich! A turkey, stuffed with fish (chef's choice, but usually haddock or mackerel) wrapped in an ostrich. There's only one bay area restaurant where you can get them: a classy European joint called Nous Sommes Chanceux que ce Soit Vendredi, located in San Bruno.

After the jump: mushrumps!