Last week Numb3ers -- that Tiffany network show starring the reportedly-difficult-to-work-with Rob Morrow -- featured an Alternate-Reality Game (ARG) as a plot device. It turns out that this was an actual launch for an ARG, Chainfactor. The idea is this: a players find codes on l'Internets as well as in real world locales. Take, for example, the tip we got that a hidden code is hidden at one of the billboards or advertisements on 24th Avenue and Geary. (Probably a hidden message about Satan, no doubt!) Word is that "most of the other ads that have been located appear to include the word 'chain'...most of the 'codes' appear to be a word accompanied by a 9 digit number."

Anyway, we implore those of you who enjoy such activities to give it a shot. (Scavenger hunt enthusiasts, take note.) But, really, doesn't the added element of physical travel and spending cash to get to and fro hinder the raw joy of...just playing a video game with a bowl of Doritos at your side? Leave us to our Wiis, and we're as happy as a pacified, Xanax-infused baby. But if any of you are already gaming it up, let us know how fun it is. If at all.