Within a 10-minute span, some poor sap ruined his life.

According to San Francisco Crime (via Bay City News), at 9:05 a.m. this morning, Sacto resident David Bryant, 51, jumped over the counter at Wachovia Bank (at 200 Pine Street) and snatched some cash. He then fled the scene, all while cartoonishly leaving behind a trail of escaped dollar bills, and then tried carjacking two people with a knife. (Chortle.) He succeeded on the third attempt, kidnapping a cabbie at Bush and Sansome Streets, who drove him a few blocks away. Then, "police were able to stop and arrest Bryant on Leavenworth Street at 9:15 a.m."

Bryant was charged with five counts of robbery, two counts of attempted car jacking, one count carjacking, and finally, one count of kidnapping.