“I was shocked,” said Board of Supervisors Prez Aaron Peskin after being asked about Gavin Newsom's whereabouts this past weekend. Same here. Word is that Gavin was in Hawaii this past weekend, kicking in the sand and surf. Has senioritis kicked in already, Mayor? Not that you could've mopped up the oil singlehandedly, but still, you should have been here. We're a sensitive lot, us SF babies.

Meanwhile Bevan was our acting mayor, and according to Richard Cole at San Francisco Daily (who are refreshingly online-free, thus no link), "[o]ther politicians jumped into the cleanup effort. U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein browbeat federal officials into action, while Assemblyman Mark Leno cleaned beaches and State Sen. Carole Migden set up a senate hearing into the disaster."

That's...pretty remarkable. Sure, he has nothing to worry about seeing as how he's our mayor for another four years, existing in a supreme state of untouchableness. But it's these kind of seemingly innocuous things that don't get guys elected to higher offices; it's moments like this that won't get someone elected President. (We can see the smear campaign now, a commercial juxtaposing tear-stained, oily seagulls with that of a frolicking, shirtless Mayor cruising around in an [gasp!] SUV. Actually, we would vote for him if we saw something like that.)

Anyway, Newsom was back at work on Monday...chatting it up with Oracle folk.

(SF Daily's article after the jump.)