Oh my, this sounds like fun. Men of San Francisco, this Saturday there will be an open casting call for Gus Van Sant's film project, tentatively titled "Untitled Harvey Milk Project" as of now.

We've already mentioned our enthusiasm for this project before. (With thoughts of who will play DiFi bordering on obsession.) But who knew that we might have a slim-to-none chance of being in the film?! Sure, we can't act, probably weigh in at clinically-obese levels, and suffer from mild body dysmorphia, but we're so there. And seeing as how we've already (seamlessly and sadly) memorized the choreography for this, we're a shoo-in for a bit part taking place in the '70s. Then again, we lack that straight-man-homos-wish-were-gay aesthetic that Gus seems to prefer, so....who knows? But we will be there and with a full report of all the backstabbing, hair pulling, and heavy petting come Monday for you all.

Info is as follows.

For a film by Director Gus Van Sant

We are looking for real people for several roles in the film


No Previous experience needed!

We are looking for MEN ONLY of all ethnicities (Who isn't? [rimshot] Eh. -- SFist)

18 – 40 years old