According to the Merc, "astronomers have discovered a fifth planet circling a star beyond our solar system -- a star that holds the record for the most orbiting extrasolar worlds." Using the Doppler technique -- the same technology, we think, that's used to predict sweater weather -- it took a little over 18 years to find the new locale.

University of California-Berkeley astronomer Geoff Marcy chirps, "This discovery of the first quintuple planetary system has me jumping out of my socks." (Out of his socks!? Is there anything cuter than giddy science-types? Oh, we just want to put you in our pocket.) He goes on to say, "we now know that our solar system is not unique...we strongly suspect that many of these planetary systems harbor Earth-like planets." The newly discovered planet is 45 times the mass of Earth (suck it, Aliens -- Earth still rulez!) and may parallel Saturn in regard to its composition and look.

SFist's own science minds have also researched the orb, and this fresh planet can mean only one thing: E.T. is real. Aw.

Read and see about the new planet, which will surely destroy us all, here.