Okay, we're not exactly sure how this works, but it's...bizarre. Seems that a trio of scammers are preying upon the elderly Chinese American community in SF (no, not Ed Jew). What's interesting is their technique.

See, a woman and two men approach their victim, telling them that they look sick. One of the suspects then "fills a teacup with water and invites the victim to stick a finger in the cup, explaining that it is a sign of illness if the water changes color." Via some chemical in the water that is absorbed through the skin, the victims begin to feel woozy. (LSD?) The scam artists then demand money to provide some sort of cure.

So far, a few elderly people have been bilked out of money -- on person forking over $900 for the supposed cure. Does anyone have any idea what chemical they're using. We're fascinated.

Oh yeah, and if you have any information as to the perps, you call the police fraud division: 415-553-1542.