Oh man, are you kidding? This is terrible. Not to get all tugging-the-heart strings today, but this spill is much worse than initially reported yesterday. This oil covered bird above was found at Fort Baker cove in Sausalito today. It seems that the Marin Headlands are getting crazy sloshed with oil on their shores. (The aerial shots of the spill on SFGate are jaw-dropping.)

A Golden Gate National Recreation Area ranger claims that the entire area is covered in oil, "you can smell it. This whole area is closed."

So, two things: one, residents who find birds covered with oil should call 877-823-6926. And two, are there any clean-up efforts going on that we should know about? Like, know about right now? Some readers have asked and we'd love to give you more info. We'll snoop around and try uncovering scheduled efforts, but if any of you have scheduled info on volunteering clean-up, let us know. Please.