Three weeks ago, a Caltrain conductor told the San Jose Mercury News that "Trains stay on tracks and if you stay off the tracks, it's very easy not to get hit by a train" ("Family of Man Killed in Caltrain Accident Files Suit").

Let's hope that no one got hit today -- trains are running at least 20 minutes late in both directions. These folks are waiting at the Palo Alto train station at around 5:30 p.m.

If the trains sometimes don't run on time, does that mean that we can be sure that Mussolini is not running the country?

Update: a train eventually arrived, heading northbound on the southbound tracks. The unflappable conductor said something about a mechanical issue, so it seems that the only casualty of the evening is decorum in the bike car.

There's no minute-by-minute news available on the Caltrain website, but they do offer a glimpse at what Caltrain will look like in 2025.