What started out yesterday morning as a PG-13, innocent little fender bender has now turned into our very own R-rated environmental disaster. Smashing. Here's a summary of today's oil spill-related chaos, followed by volunteering and clean-up information.

-- Today Gavin Newsom sent down word from wherever he's recovering from his hangover -- we kid. sort of -- that SF will get litigious on the agency or persons responsible for the 58,000 gallons of oil that spilled into the bay yesterday.

-- City officials have now warned people not to go into or boat on the Bay.

-- This Sunday's triathlon scheduled to take place on Treasure Island, where athletes swim in the bay as part of the race, could/should be canceled. "City officials said today it is canceled, but race officials said it's still on," so...here's to effective communication.

-- 26 hours lapsed between the time of collision and interview/alcohol test for the captain of the Cosco Bucan, we hear.

-- Birds and other animal life will suffer.