But, and we hate to admit it, they sure do look pretty together. (The image above has been set as our desktop background!) But as attractive as oil and water looks on rain-soaked driveways and in Carmel-y art pieces, it's not worth it when it's in our Bay. It tends to cause inexcusable damage. (Where, like, fish and mermaids and stuff totally die, you know.) Take, for example, this morning's container ship that rammed into the Bay Bridge.

Rob Roberts, a lieutenant with the state Department of Fish and Game, claims that the a total of 140 gallons of fuel spilled from today's ship/Bay Bridge smash. It will take about a month to clean up, and by midday today, some fuel had already reached Pier One [under the Embarcadero] in San Francisco. Read more about it here.

More pictures of the oil spillage after the jump.

image credit: Bob Brigham