Hi, guys. What's up? Great. So...huh, how do we put this delicately without hurting anyone's feelings? Ahem, the next time there's a truck in the middle of Civic Center selling nothing but delicious waffles, and no one mentions it to us before said truck sells out of said waffles? We will go Carrie on all of you. (With you in the Betty Buckley role, of course, because you are the most caring readers.) Why, this looks downright tasty! And in the middle of Civic Center? Who knew?!

According to Eater goes on to say, "this morning at Civic Center Farmer's market I came across a waffle truck! The man at the truck said that they are usually at the Marin Farmer's Market, but today was their first day at Civic Center." And all sorts of crispy, fluffy goodness. Anyway, be on the lookout for it next week, and read more about it here.