OK, so we've got some new and intriguing faces like Marco Belinelli, Brandan Wright, and Stephen Lasme joining returning favorites like Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, and Andris Biedrins to give coach Don Nelson's player-friendly up-tempo small ball another go. Basically, more of the same for the Warriors this year.

Nellie has some new pieces to play with but it's his same old game plan, so we pretty much know where the Ws will land this year. Based on the weakening of the Western Conference over the offseason and the anticipated emergence of exciting players like Belinelli and Kelanna Azubuike, we look for the Warriors to improve on last year's 42-win season. Gazing into our eerily reliable crystal ball, we see 48 wins this year for the double-u's, good enough for second in the Pacific Division and the six seed in the WC.

Photo from unbeknownst.net

Attrition has been one of the Warriors' best pickups this offeseason. While the Warriors have taken some baby steps forward, many of the Western Conference rivals have been moving in the opposite direction.

When looking at the Warriors chances to make the playoffs this year, it runs from the bottom up.

  • 15. Minnesota -- Congratulations Kevin McHale, after trading franchise keystone Kevin Garnett, your team is officially irrelevant for years to come.

  • 14. Sacto -- Until the Kings move perpetually troubled Ron Artest this team will be mired in the delta blues. It's the first of many rebuilding years in the capitol city.

  • 13.Memphis -- Quick, name one player on the Grizzlies. Just one. Any one. Exactly. Next.