When he's not busy keeping it real or putting in a couple of loads at the laundromat -- he looks like a Biz kind of guy, doesn't he? -- Gavin Newsom is out pandering to the boomers for their vote. (Something we assumed he had in the bag.) Behold, the psychedelic Gavin Newsom for Mayor poster. This one, which was for a re-election benefit held in the Haight-Ashbury this past week, was sent to Beth Spotswood, saved for her by one of her "fans," it seems.

Seeing as how it's re-election time, we wish that there were more creative(ish) posters like this plastered around the city. (Are we even allowed to perform said plastering anymore in our quality-of-life era?) Do you have one? Or four? If you have any Photoshopping skills whatsoever, you should. Send it out way, please.