San Francisco clothing retailer bebe has decided to drop real fuzzy-wuzzy fur from all of their designs come January, according to bebe CEO Gregory Scott. The company -- which made a name for itself with their beautiful yet momma's-little-whore designs -- maintains a 3% fur-use in their lines as of now. Come next year, they will be proudly fur free.

Which brings us to an admission: if you look in our closets, you will find fur. But before you toss that bucket of red paint in our direction, let us explain. The piece was our great-grandmother's. It a vile thing with little claws, little tails, and little mink faces on it, all tied together. (A fling, we think, is what it's called.) Why do we have it? No clue. We want to get rid of it more than anything we own.

But where do you all stand on fur? Does anyone outside of inane society folk, women-of-a-certain-age, and Beyonce still wear fur? Do you?