-It appears Scott Ostler was not the only one to start the Mike Nolan Death Watch. Over at the Merc, Tim Kawakami started the clock up too. On KNBR, the natives are getting restless as callers are starting to think that his "I'm hot sh--" attitude is beginning to grate. The debate has also moved online as message boards are debating it and SFGate ran an online poll over the very question, with firing so far in the lead. And this morning, Gwen Knapp gets in a dig too. The clamoring has been loud enough, in fact, that in a press conference, Nolan was asked a question about his job status.

-In light of ARod's decision to opt-out of his clause (strategically announced during the World Series) we give you this story which pretty much sums up everything about why ARod is AFraud. None of this hasn't stopped the ARod to the Giants speculation to begin, however.

Sharks 4 Stars 2- Yes, we haven't been writing much about the Sharks so consider this the first Sharks post of the season. We know-- you're thrilled. The Sharkies haven't been that exciting yet, in fact, they've been kind lackluster. The main problem with the team so far is that they've been enamored of trying to play the Beautiful Game when hockey, played right, is anything but beautiful. More like brute strength and a grind. While the Beautiful Game is fun to watch, plain old goals are much better.

Oh, the video, for those who haven't seen it, is the ending of that Triple AAA football game that ended on a 15 lateral TD.