Why aren't you hiding under the covers yet? The city doesn't want to so much as hear you breathe come tomorrow. So, start upending those floorboards and crawling into that dank attic, or Gavin and Bevan will be coming to get you, Barbara.

"We are praying for a peaceful evening, but are preparing for the worst," says Newsom. No, he's not talking about election night (heh, eh), but Halloween night. Which brings us to your public transit issues for the big, non-spooky evening. Here are a few main closures happening tomorrow night:

-- The 16th Street-Mission BART station will close at 8pm.
-- Muni customers wishing to transfer to BART can take the 14-Mission south to 24th Street-Mission BART, or use one of the downtown BART/Muni stations (Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery, Embarcadero) to transfer to or from BART.
-- Church, Castro, Forest Hill, and West Portal stations will completely close at 8:30 p.m.
-- The F-Markret will run as a bus service.
-- Buses are subject to re-route away from the Upper Market area if traffic conditions require this. (?)