Burning down the birthplace of the holy union between Courteney Cox to David Arquette? Dear God, no.

Last night a little before midnight, Paul David Addis was arrested outside of Grace Cathedral, suspected of trying to burn down the historic church down. It seems that his neighbor called the police last night after overhearing him say something to the effect of "the cathedral wasn’t going to be there anymore." Yikes.

Luckily, an officer found him walking on California Street near the cathedral, with a backpack full of "fireworks inside...and other things" leading SFPD officer Jim McGrath to believe that he was up to no good. He was booked and thrown into the county clink this morning, according tho Bay City News.

: according to the Chronicle, it seems that the guy who tried setting little ol' Gracie flame last night is none other that Paul David Addis. Yes, the same gent who prematurely torched "the man" at Burning Man earlier this year. Whoa, is right.