Occasionally we are reminded that San Francisco is not the very center of the world. Rare occasions, true, but still, when an interviewee points out that they may not have an encyclopedic knowledge of bands from the area, we’re forced to say fair enough. Such is the case with Bobby of Monster Bobby. Sure, he may be the creative force behind SFist fav, the Pipettes, and sure he knows about all kinds of other kinds of music but he’s not all up on our local bands. He’s willing to learn, though, and hey, given how much we like his music (check it out here), that’s enough for us. For now.

You can check out Monster Bobby along with the Pipettes tonight at Bimbo’s—show starts at tonight at 8 p.m.

What should people expect from your live show?
You should expect me and the dr sample, my little electronic colleague, playing a series of curious little ditties, recalling the English music hall and German elektronische Musik (with a dash of Rick James).

Where are the best fans at?
I suppose that depends how you define 'best'. The kids in Japan are probably the most enthusiastic, and perhaps the most polite as well, hich is quite a unique and charming combination. German crowds perhaps the loudest and most vocally appreciative in our experience and Swedish generally the quickest to get into stuff, the first to spot something cool and let you know about it. but, y'know, really the best "fans" are in London and Brighton cos that's where most of my friends live.