It appears to be bomb day here at the ole 'Fist as we have yet another bomb story to relate to y'all. This one involves a die-hard (seriously die-hard) Giants fan who called in bomb threats at Turner Field in Atlanta.

The fan, Dante Suguitan, pleaded guilty to calling in the threats during the 2005 season in an attempt to somehow intimidate Braves players who, in turn, would lose to the Giants. He actually called in twice, one on August 10th and the other on August 11th, both dates in which the Giants played the Braves. One of the threats said that the bomb was atomic and "looked like a Coke can." The other was supposed to go off during the tomahawk-chop thing that the Braves fans do, kinda like how Jimbo rigged that bomb to go off when John Stamos' brother hit that high note on "Loving You" on "South Park."

Suguitan apparently also believed that Giants broadcasters were talking to him and that he could "manipulate the outcome of games by listening to them on the radio or watching them on television." It’s true too-- if you listen to Kruik & Kuip backwards, they say "turn me on, Giants fans."

Since today is Friday and we couldn't come up with some sort of image for this, we just thought we'd post a video of the Gap Band doing "Your Dropped a Bomb on Me." Enjoy it's awesomisity.