Much to everyone's delight, we're certain, today Golden Gate Bridge corporate officials rejected an offer that would have seen the city rolling around naked in millions of dollars from advertising. A plan that would have finally allowed innocuous ads on a tiny part of the bridge not visible to passersby, plunged to its death today after much contemplation.

While not on the main stretch of the bridge itself, discrete corporate logos would have popped up in visitor area, just to the right of the bridge before it goes across the Bay. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Supporters wanted it, of course, for the money it would have brought in to the district, and would have seen a less frequent toll raise. Naysayers found it to be "intrusive and inappropriate for the historic span ." We agree with both sides, completely. Or, seeing as how we don't take the crimson entrance to the Bay, we don't care at all. Not sure which.

Any GGB fans, frequenters care to chime in?