Yesterday, we got a press release touting the fact that the city was going to issue a proclamation to Perry Mann, founder of the Exotic Erotic Ball, and Snoop Dogg. Our reaction? Get! Out!

But after the news was released, bigger wigs got together and basically decided "what the frak are we thinking?" and so the proclamation was taken back. The reasons are that some people might not take offense to handing official government notices to the guy behind a sex related party and the reason for not handing out things to the O.G. D-O-double-G are kinda obvious. Mann, however, has gotten a few official type notices from Mayors before but Newsom's people are a little sensitive about all this after they "accidentally" issued a proclamation honoring a gay porn studio.

Snoop and Mann were going to be honored for giving money to the Healing Circle Soul Support Group, an organization that raises money for families that have lost someone due to violence. Snoop was going to perform at the ball and both were going to give some of the proceeds from the event to the organization, a total of around $100,000.

Yet again, another example of the Bay Area feeling the need to apologize for our (appropriate) behavior and who we are. Great.