This morning a press conference was held in front to City Hall about this Saturday's March to End the War Now. The parade (grumble), which will start at City Hall and drain into Dolores Park (next to the worldwide Michael Jackson choreography routine), will be honored with its own day. It seems that the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution making October 27 "End the War in Iraq" Day (and that day only.) Hopefully, Newsom won't wuss out, look forward into the re-election future of offices to come, and pull the resolution like he recently did with el Snoop Dogg.

What's more, we hope for a few more things: that the protest is less a social-gathering-of-the-year and more of, well, a protest; that our local politicos running for office can get along for at least one day to showboat together in harmony at DP; and that the "Thriller" routine is spot-on and flawless. One false step, and you've ruined it for everyone.

The protest starts Saturdqay at 11 a.m. at City Hall. Find out more about it here. (An aside: How many more times will we have to see that black & white shot of the crying girl? Be careful before she turns into lolcryinggurl.)

Image: IndyBay / Bill Hackwell