Hey, remember that Question Time thingy? You know, that non-binding measure that voters passed which called for Gavin to appear in front of the Board of Supes and answer questions thrown his way while the rest of us get to kick back and watch the fun? Well, if you remember, Gavin kind of refused to do it and instead staged fake Question Time, "Town Hall" meetings throughout the city and wound up killing any sort of conflict over the issue by basically boring everyone to death. Even the chickens got bored and stopped attending.

So the supporters of Question Time, mainly Chris Daly, are trying to get a new measure passed, Prop E, which states that Gavin absolutely, positively has to show up-- no buts. In response, Gavin is rasing money from supporters to fight the measure on the ballot. Call them the No-E coalition, although they're calling themselves the "Let’s Really Work Together Coalition.” Or, for you kids out there, the-- "Let's Totally Work Together, For Reals, Coalition." Gavin has lately been going to Pacific Heights and raising money with his peeps to beat back Prop E. Lately, he went to a fund raiser at Dede Wilsey's home to get some of the $100,000 to $150,000 those in the know say he'll need to raise. And wouldn't it be great to have the kind of money that you can just throw around willy-nilly like that to beat back some totally silly ballot measure? Isn't there anything else they could throw money to? Where's Bono when you need him?

Once enough money is raised, the campaign, as they say, "is on." Gavin's people are going to play the Daly card and say an No-E vote is a vote against Daly. As for Daly, he's pretty much whatever about the whole thing and points out that it's a simple measure and that since it passed last time with 56% of the vote, he's sure it'll pass again.