Ah, beautiful Diviz. Is there no boulevard more perfect, more blissful? When we think "nice places to take an afternoon constitutional," we are drawn instantly to its divine charm. It is, simply put, an Eden. To alter it would be to play God.

But want to change all that. The out-of-touch bureaucrats in City Hall think that the stretch from Haight to Geary needs to be improved. Strange terms like "greening" and "streetscaping" have been tossed around. Now, we may be simple folk here in San Francisco, but we know when we're being taken for a ride by big-city special interests. Trees? Pedestrian amenities? Transit? Reducing graffiti, attracting customers to businesses, and improving safety? Hogwash, we say. We've been getting along fine without such folderol for years; and if a filthy, freewayish Diviz was good enough for our grandparents, then by gum it's good enough for us.

Anyway, the communist preverts from the Dept of Public Works and the Muni will be presenting their foul plans to spruce up the street at a meeting on Thursday, the 25th, from 7-9pm at Ida B Wells. They'll be announcing that they won $3,000,000 in federal funds -- money derived from taxes, and therefore stolen -- and that construction of these so-called "improvements" will begin in 2009. Harrumph! Bring your torches and pitchforks and let's chase these Hollywood Jews back to France.