Beware: staring tonight at precisely 7:30 p.m. the undead will gather around the Double L Gyratory Undead Attractor and wreak havoc around the city. Might you be one of them? Horrors!

Double beware: tonight's march of the dead will take place near the SF Main Library where the San Francisco Mayoral debate will be in progress. We'd hate to think that any of you interrupted the Mayoral shenanigans -- bringing tears to the eyes of San Francisco's grossest attention whore, Chicken John -- or worse, had the nerve to capture images of the clash and all its glorious brutality. (And don't even think of tagging said photos in your flickr account with "sfist," scary undead mutants! We just won't stand for it.)

To find out more about tonight's zombie operation or to get on their mailing list, go here.

Zombie image: Laughing Squid