Bad day on the transportation front yesterday: so someone got stabbed on a MUNI bus yesterday afternoon around 1 p.m. at 16th Street and Mission, and on the morning commute, southbound 880 near Hayward was completely snarled after people discovered body parts all over the highway. Turns out a person walking on the highway was hit by several cars early in the morning. And on Wednesday night, an AC Transit bus was in a seven-car pileup.

Yipes, baby mama drama -- two men got in a fight in the parking lot of a Fremont day care center when both of them came by to pick up the same child. The biological father showed up at the day care center, saw his ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend, The father stormed up and sucker punched the boyfriend through the window, at which point the boyfriend then got out of the car and gave the father a bloody nose. The authorities came and arrested the father for violating the terms of the restraining order the mother had gotten against him, and arrested the new boyfriend on an unrelated warrant. The child in question didn't witness any of the fighting.

And you know famous local beat guy Lawrence Ferlinghetti? His art's been taken down from a corporate lobby in the Bank of America building because some of the corporate clients in the building complained about the nudes in the painting. What makes the story weirder is that the paintings are all kind of abstract. Ferlinghetti's gallery rep says, "I suppose if you look very carefully you might see a breast. But they are very expressionistic." (We're borrowing one of the Ferlinghetti pictures from the Merc News's gallery so you can decide on your own.)