A reader would like your help:

Can you recommend any popular blogs in San Francisco with a queer voice?

[presumed homosexual's name withheld]

Well, we can't recommend any "popular" Bay Area blogs laced with shrieking voices. And all gay writers think that they're popular. (Alleged popularity is the life-blood of homosexuals and local politics.) We love Gayface, but he never updates these days. Ditto with North Beach's Stop Touching My Food. And although we're not sure how Zombietime achieves orgasm, the site is simply delightful. And TWoP's Potes has some funniest, most well-written stuff anywhere via her recaps on America's Next Top Model. (It's not local, but Tyra and ANTM resides in all our hearts, no?)

Of course this town is saturated with stale political blogs, and a few elderly queens trying to harness the incredible power of the World Wide Web. You can find those out for yourself.

But does anyone have any Bay Area-based links? Do let us know.