There's nothing like a celebrity appearance at a film festival, and Sunday night at the Roxie Theatre, the crowd went wild when it was announced that two of the wiener dogs who star in "Doc Fest crowd started oohing and ahhing and craning their necks as if Paris freaking Hilton herself had dropped by.

Apparently, competitive wiener dog racing is a growing sport and the crowds that fill race tracks to see these brown bullets scamper their way to victory, is growing. This made sense to us immediately after we saw footage of a race. Who wouldn't want to watch a cute tube of chub running like a speed-freak on three inch long legs? The crowd at the Roxie was laughing so loudly at times that we couldn't even hear the narration. And there were times that narration seemed almost unnecessary. Watching a tubby spastic critter bouncing down the track made us want to grab one of those little weenies and squeeze him so hard he would squirt right out of our arms.

The dogumentary does an admirable job of setting up the history, the controversies, the doggie (and human) drama and provides lots of interesting tidbits (after WWI, dachshunds were the "freedom fries" of their day and had to be called "liberty pups" so they wouldn't be murdered due to all the anti-German sentiment in the country).

There are lots of bad puns and some strange characters who populate the world of dog enthusiasts, and theoretically, we think maybe the film intended for you to start feeling alliances for Noodles, or Heidi, or Vinny, or any of the other competitive racers, but really, we were besotted with all the wieners and every time the little chubbies started to run we clapped our hands and giggled like crazy.

SFist Mihi, contributing. Wiener Takes All screens again next Monday (10/8) at 7 p.m. and next Tuesday (10/9) at 7 p.m.