Chicagoist knows what it's like to like the Cubs. But naming your kid Wrigley Fields? At least they can breathe a little easier now that Grossman's out and Griese's in. Maybe all that sports excitement is what caused them to forget basic facts about US history?

With the abrupt departure of LA's top transportation manager and more controversy over bicycle commuters, LAist is ready for the city's traffic to get moving again. What's not stuck in gridlock is Hollywood, who is already into their first week of the Fall TV season. Greg Grunberg of NBC's "Hereos" gave an interview, Phil Spector got away, the world saw Natalie Portman go nude on the internetz and more of your favorite novels are being made into terrible movies. If that wasn't enough, the harassing paparazzi are no friends to the regular citizens of Los Angeles. At least the people have about a million festivals to relax at this weekend. And if all else fails, the coolest lizard in the world will make you smile.

Torontoist checked out the Polaris Music Prize Gala that saw international superstar surpass local unknowns like The Arcade Fire to win the $20,000 prize. They ranked some local pizza joints (delicious!). They checked out yet another newspaper redesign, and yet another museum redesign. Oh, and they totally had a sweet virtual reality panorama of its Distillery District.