As a prelude to the big event, the world premiere of Appomattox next Friday at the opera house, composer Philip Glass was hosting a night of chamber music at Herbst Theater last night. It was also the opening concert for SF Performances's 28th season (the official Dolce Vita-themed kick-off Gala happens October 12th). We are as excited as anyone about the upcoming opera, so we were pleased to see Glass not only introduce the music and chit-chat genially from the stage, but also perform some of his pieces. So he turned 70 and here comes this guy on the stage who looks like he's in his 50s, fit, spry. We want to be like that when we're that age. We read that he does pilates and we're so taking that up.

There were three performers: Glass himself at the piano, cellist Wendy Sutter and percussionist Mick Rossi. The last two were actually much more respectful of the music than Glass himself, who took some liberties with his oeuvre. His playing was debonair while the other guys were super focused and super serious.

Video of Philip Glass at home, playing Metamorphosis I, which opened his concert at SF Performances last night