There's only one new show premiering tonight and we're going to pull out an old chestnut because we just can't resist, and when you're dealing with a show that's as stale as this one, it's appropriate. The show premieres at 9 p.m., is called "Moonlight," and it sucks.

OK. Maybe we should explain that. The show is about a detective in L.A. who is also a vampire. And it sucks. We liked it much better the first time we watched it, when it was called "Angel." Comparisons to "Angel" are more than apt since David Greenwalt was a showrunner on both. Of course, he only worked on a few episodes of "Moonlight" before leaving, which is just one of the many changes this series has undergone since it was announced last season. The only constant has been lead actor Alex O'Loughlin, as the vampire Mick St. John, sporting an annoying, raspy, fake American accent. He's not nearly charming enough to carry an entire series, but he has to because none of the supporting actors bring much to the show, including Jason "Logan Echolls" Dohring as a 400+ year old vampire with a baby face and a fat bank account. And, believe it or not, the pilot we saw actually opened with the voice of Julie "Chenbot" Chen interviewing Mick the vampire, so he can set up the "rules" this vampire show will apparently try to follow. And while that sounds kind of cool--you know, a robot interviewing a vampire--it isn't. It's just very, very clumsy.

Prior to the suck is the season premiere of "Ghost Whisperer," starring Jennifer Love Hewiit and her haunted cleavage. The season premiere of "Numb3rs" is also on CBS at 10 p.m.

Over on NBC are the season premieres of "Deal or No Deal" at 8 p.m. and "Las Vegas" at 10 p.m. So, in other words, for at least another week, Friday can join Saturday as a no-TV-night.