Each Tuesday we will feature new music that should (or whatever) be on your radar.


1. Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails Red Wine (w/ Bonus DVD):
Hands down, one of the best CD's of 2007. Eskimo Joe released "Black Fingernails, Red Wine" as their debut single in the US in August. Their CD already went quadruple platinum in Australia (it was released in 2006). The quiet application of the piano combined with the melodramatic strings in "London Bombs" creates a perfect scene to sing the subtle yet haunting lyrics, "I'll stay up forever. Try to find the answer, in the sun I wait for you. London Bombs." With long instrumental choruses, Eskimo Joe, is not afraid of creating a story instrumentally. This is why their music works. It's not just about the lyrics - each instrumental part is essential to creating the ultimate picture. If there is one CD you buy this year, this should be the one.
Download: The entire CD. (If you are too cheap then start with "Black Fingernails, Red Wine" & "New York")

2. Barcelona - Absolutes:
First off, don't get confused with this Barcelona, we are talking about this Barcelona. Few albums actually catch our attention enough to make us sit down and just listen to it - Absolutes did absolutely that. A four-piece band from Seattle, Barcelona, has created a set of indie-rock songs that are memorable and catchy but still remains thoughtful and creative at the same time. Available on iTunes since Aug. 14, fans of The Fray, MAE and Keane can rejoice with yet another piano-driven rock band.
Download: "It's About Time," "Lesser Things," & "First Floor People"

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