While cruising down this precious, semi-hidden lane, we happened upon an open house for 401 Marietta Drive. Despite our sweats and sneakers, we decided to go ahead and horrify the realtor by entering the house for a look-see.

After getting over the very unassuming exterior, our initial reaction upon walking inside was space, space, space. 2,422 sq. ft. to be exact. The property has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and not those dinky little half bathrooms that are added illegally. Real bathrooms, with showers! There are not one, but two living rooms; one up and one down. The upstairs living room is really a great room, since the kitchen and dining area are open to the living room. The best feature upstairs is the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace and the view. The best feature downstairs is the living room (which we would turn into the master bedroom) and the view.