There was very little else for Londonist to be concerned with when the threat of a Tube strike became a very unpleasant reality. The inconvenience was extreme: there aren't many alternatives to the Tube in London despite the best efforts of the Londonist team to get everyone from A to B. Brighter news came in the form of the first ever female Yeoman Warder, or Beefeater as the position is more commonly known, and several smiles as well as lots of cash were raised by some plucky urban ironing. London is apparently full of lies and whales: one of these things is true. We leave that up to you to figure out.

The students have returned to Boston, and they've really made a mark. Bostonist was impressed by an incident in which a Northeastern University student shouted out his window that his roommate was selling pot. This guy might be the worst roommate ever - Boston police arrested both students, and NU kicked them out. Another student drove a U-Haul under an overpass, peeling off the top of the U-Haul and clogging Labor Day weekend traffic. But we still like the students anyway, enough to give them tips on how to cook chicken and where to buy cupcakes. And their shenanigans don't top the local brainiac who drove his truck into a moving trolley. Beyond the students, Bostonist is loving the fresh young Red Sox. Last, but not least, we're thinking Gisele Bundchen might have a bitch streak in her a mile wide.

LAist, along with the rest of the city, celebrated Los Angeles' 226th birthday in the form of a nine mile walk retracing the steps of the original settlers who established the pueblo back in 1781. On Labor Day, there was more celebration over past jobs, whether that be a phone scam artist or professional bootlegger. And heck, why not celebrate Thai Town by reviewing every restaurant in and surrounding the neighborhood? In the un-celebratory category, bicyclists were shocked of a story about a Beverly Hills SUV driver attacking a cyclist , only to have the cyclist get two tickets from the cops. A follow up to the incident came out with hints of optimism. As they say in LA, see you on the streets!