The 20th Annual Harvey Awards (named for Harvey Kurtzman, genius cartoonist, founder of MAD Magazine, and lont-time Playboy contributor to boot) were announced this weekend at the Baltimore Comic Con. The awards are among the most prestigious in the sequential art world; nominees are chosen by an open vote of comics professionals.

According to comics news site Newsarama, local cartoonist (until recently? see note below) Keith Knight won in the panel strip category! Awesome! Check out the K-Chronicles on its Web site, at or in many fine print publications.

Congratulations Keith!

(**Sorry, folks -- guess we missed this strip -- looks like K.K. may be an L.A. guy now. Sorry about that -- but we still think he rocks)

Photo of Keith Knight and fellow cartoonist Stephen Notley (Bob the Angry Flower) taken by SFist Jer back at APE 2005