Gays of the Golden State: rejoice! For a few moments! State legislators approved "gender-neutral marriage" for the second time. And for the second time it bites its nails, waiting for Governor Schwarzenegger to beat it to death. Doing his hair and makeup for T3? Have at it. Letting them get married? Nope.It seems that homosexual love is not nearly as real as heterosexual love. Above all else, that's pretty much the message he wants sent.

What's more, hell-bound/horrible human being Benjamin Lopez of the Traditional Values Coalition tells the Chronicle, "We see AB43 as yet another heavy-handed, blatant attempt for Mark Leno and company to skirt the current restrictions in law that prevents same-sex marriages in California," going on to say, "Sieg Heil!"

Sorry, Mark and company . Better luck next time.

The genius that is Martha Stewart's famous wedding cake: not for you, homo.