Gavin says he's on board with the proposal and will get his administration on it. He also says that he's prepared for the criticism to come his way and doesn’t care. Hey, after admitting to be an alcoholic philanderer, there's nowhere to go than up.

And speaking of criticism, expect a lot of it coming our way as nothing gets certain segments of the population in a full froth of fury like illegal immigration and we're already in the cross hairs for being a "sanctuary city." San Francisco, or as this blog calls us, San Fransicko, is already used as an example of what not to be by the Republicans, with the Ken Doll Governor of Massachusetts accusing the Crazed Fascist ex-Mayor of New York of advocating immigration policies like those of San Francisco in a recent TV commercial.

Eh, whatever. The ID idea actually comes from New Haven which has already instituted the policy. Supposedly, a bunch of other big city Mayor types have been looking into it as well, including Mayor Mike of New York.