...And that's not even the curviest part! A car chase that started in Marin County around 3:00 a.m. Monday morning ended abruptly when the driver, speeding at around 75 mph over the Golden Gate Bridge, overshot the turn from Doyle Drive onto Lombard Street and flipped over. A open fifth of Hennessey was found in the car, and the passengers are in SF General with non-fatal injuries.

Your SF Labor Day weekend homicide count: 3. One person shot in the Bayview early Sunday morning, one person in Visitacion Valley shot dead mid-Sunday morning (after being chased into a garage by two teenagers on bikes), and one found dead early Monday morning near the Balboa Park station. You can keep up with the year to date homicide count (77) at the SF Crime Blog, like we're doing. Also: a man was shot in the back this afternoon, also in Visitacion Valley. He's expected to survive. (It's not much better in Oakland either, with four shootings over the weekend. They're at 91 for the year.)

A woman in Burlingame was charged with felony child endangerment last Thursday afternoon, after bystanders freed her crying unattended 2-year-old from her car. On the bright side, the child was fine, but it was 92 degrees outside and the temperature inside the car was measured about about 125 degrees. The mother said she'd just run to the grocery store for about 20 minutes. This is the second baby in a hot car scare in the South Bay this week, with a Mountain View nanny arrested after leaving a crying baby in a car with a small gap in the window for about 30 minutes on Tuesday.

Picture of the crooked part of Lombard Street by kasei, off flickr.