There's only three claims being paid off this month, none of which are particularly tantalizing. Some Muni person dropped something on someone's foot, and they're getting $15,000 -- that sort of thing. The one interesting detail is the bizarre writing style employed by one of the lawyers: Victor Lipovesky, Esq, of Velan Law Firm, a Professional Corporation. God, even their sounds incompetently pretentious. The case is the boring sort of stuff that Muni litigates every single month -- a driver accelerated, someone fell over, and in so doing believe that they have earned thousands of dollars.

According to Victor (AKA "Sticky Vicky"), "Defendants [meaning Muni, et al] failed to warn the public of the dangerous condition in that they do not engage in proper hiring ... Defendants were negligent in not properly hiring and investigating the driver's background. Defendants did not properly train the driver and did not inquire that the driver does not engage in such callous/reckless conduct."

What the hell? Where'd this guy get his degree, The Hollywood Upstairs School of Law? And what's that dig about the driver's background supposed to mean? As if an FBI check would turn up, "aha! This joker's capable of ANYTHING!"

Weird writing notwithstanding, Victor and his client made off with $12,000. Thanks for the donation, taxpayers!