You see, links like this serve one purpose. Even though we know that the internet is primarily for porn and reading SFist, there are evil people out there who want to steal your passwords so they can do evil things with them. There is a term for this. It’s called phishing.

Now, while most of you are saying, “Duh, we already know this!” We must reply, Really? Then explain why multiple emails have shown up in our MySpace mailbox saying the following.

“can't believe a 18 year old chick would put half-nude pics on myspace. whore alert.”

“ut oh, i know she wasn't supposed to put half-naked pics on her myspace page.. her parents are gonna be pissed!”

While these little messages are entertaining (we especially love Whore Alert, obvi), they clog up our inbox and make us think that you’re not as smart as we once thought you were.

Hmm. It also make us wonder if our phished friends know about the bridge closing this weekend.