--around 9:20 p.m.: shooting at Taylor and Market in the Loin. One victim hit in the arm.

--around 10:00 p.m.: shots fired in Sunnydale (can Dede Wilsey help with that?). Victim found with four gunshot wounds, one in each arm and two in the chest. Injuries considered non-life-threatening.

--around 11:00 p.m.: shots fired in the Bayview. Victim found with a gunshot wound in the back. Injury considered non-life-threatening; and

--around 2 a.m.: homicide victim found at UN Plaza (the Civic Center station) near McAllister, one block away from the Hastings Law School. Victim died of multiple stabbing wounds.

Update: And this afternoon, they discovered two dead bodies in a house in Ingleside. Witnesses reported hearing a scream late last night, but thinking nothing of it. One of the owners of the house was seen talking to the police and later leaving with the investigators.

Picture of the Hastings campus.