So it's going to be stiflingly hot for the next few days (yes, we know, it's not as bad as it is in every other part of the country, but ) -- but in happier news for the hoodie-loving crowd, it'll at least be significantly cooler in SF today and tomorrow (possibly up to 30 degrees cooler) than the East or South Bay. It's also expected to cool down in time for the Labor Day weekend.

With the heat wave, along with our whining about the heat also comes a Spare The Air free transit announcement. Yay, hot weather AND crowded trains! Naw, seriously, don't drive if you can avoid it. (The hot weather makes us a little cranky.)

Do note, however, that this time, BART, Caltrain, ACE trains, and the ferries are only giving free rides until 1 p.m. We understand that it's supposed to cut down on the ruffians. (MUNI buses and light rails, however, will remain free (and ruffian-stuffed) all day.)

that's why we don't live in those other parts of the country