Defendant is ... the former general manager of the Mission Hotel ... THC discovered defendant had been involved in criminal activity, including extortion, assaults, and threats of violence ... The conduct is ongoing.

Yikes. Turns out, the guy was fired weeks ago, but he's been stalking people from the THC, and got back into the hotel to threaten some more folks. The THC has filed a restraining order which is all very nice and pleasant but OH GOD WHY THE FUCK ISN'T HE UNDER ARREST?

Defendant is a dangerous and reputed gang member of the Nortenos. Employees and tenants at Mission Hotel are fearful of violence. Defendant is very angry ... he also continues to extort money from the Mission Hotel tenants.

So, how'd they catch the guy? Our sources (commenting on condition of anonymity, which we think is very wise) say that it was that kicked off an investigation. Video footage! And as you'll recall, the THC recently sent a takedown notice to a guy who was videotaping and publicizing all the nastiness around the Seneca Hotel.

We asked a THC staffer what they'd do if Jeff refused their order to take down his camera. They replied that they really didn't know. Well, Jeff's called their bluff:

I am hereby requesting a written statement regarding the consequences of any future videotaping.

Yeesh, what a messy business. Whatever happens next is bound to be unpleasant. But then again -- you cast your lot with criminals and crazies, that's what you get.

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