Because we wish nothing but the best for the Butterscotch Stallion as he recovers from what apparently is a serious case of the blues, we pay tribute to him with one of our favorite scenes from one of our favorite movies, the dance-off scene from Zoolander. The legos version.

Giants 4 Rockies 1- Rich Aurillia hit the game winning hit for the second game in a row as the Giants won their 10th out of 12 games. Zito has been finally pitching like the guy the Giants threw a bunch of money at, giving credence to the belief he was putting too much pressure on himself and choking under it. Now that the Giants are fully out of it, there's no more pressure on him and he's pitching really well. So, just as long as the Giants suck for the next seven years, Zito should be worth all the money given to him.

Jays 6 A's 2- We don't know much about this game as it ended around the time we went to bed, but we do know the A's lost the game in the 12th inning as the Jays scored four runs. Ouch. Allan Embree took the loss as Troy Glaus did the damage with a two-run double. That'll be the Athletics' fourth loss in a row. In the postive column, as it were, was that Esteban Loaiza pitched a good game and Nick Swish hit his 17th home run of the season.