Remember the Jamba Juice hepatitis A scare? And remember how we said there were gymnasts competing in a national meet in San Jose a few weeks ago? Well -- you guessed it -- it turns out the gymnasts might have been exposed to the virus. The hepatitis A carrier made smoothies for the gymnasts during the meet and in the trade shows outside. She claims she used good hygiene and food safety practices throughout (wearing gloves, for instance), so the chance of infection is fairly low, but they're warning gymnasts anyways. Hey, while we're on the topic of gymnasts, does anyone else remember the movie American Anthem? So good.

Katherine Roubos, a recent Stanford graduate abroad in Uganda this summer on a journalism internship, is facing protests and calls for her deportation, after writing a series of articles about the struggles of the Ugandan gay and lesbian rights movement. Protest leaders in the "Interfaith Rainbow Coalition Against Homosexuality" organized a 200 person rally against Roubos, where an official proclaimed that the government had no intention of decriminalizing homosexuality in Uganda and criticized foreign journalists writing on the topic.

And a 16-year-old boy was shot at 4 p.m. on San Bruno Avenue (sounds like in the Mission because the SFPD gang task force is looking into it, but the story doesn't say.) Also, while on our way for a burrito for dinner last night around 7 p.m., we saw what looked like a pedestrian hit by a car on 16th and Mission. Any info on that?