Ahhh, the lazy days of summer keep on keeping on, yet the commentary here on SFist continues to be fast, furious, fierce, and even funny.

We really enjoy that pretty much any reader that's not being a complete douchebag can give an opinion, rather than some lofty editor picking and choosing which letters are worthy of publication; we see that as a vestigial relic of the print medium, not suited for an online publication.

In short, we like when you talk back to us about stuff--some of our favorites from last week were:

1] Spots on C-Big (of Swells! fame), back in the saddle! We love you, Spotswood!

2] Mariconsoy for, er, "translating" the Amy Winehourse cancellation announcement.

3] DJTennessee's shocking confession relating to Laura Albert/JT Leroy: us too, buddy. Us too.

4] This guest exercised a poignant little bit of honesty in regard to the Bi-Transgender tiff over the Chasing Amy Social Club.

5] Steakfrites had a funny twist on our assessment of many San Franciscans feeling that Barry Bonds "is a cheater unworthy of praise."

That's it, kids! Remember, Friday is essentially a holiday, and Monday is one, so get those good comments in while you're still around!